Historic Stiltsville in Biscayne National Park has an incredible story of pirating, bootlegging, survival at sea... classic old-time Miami! | Credit: Jonathan Irish

Bootlegging and Pirating in Florida’s Protective Waters: Historic Stiltsville in Biscayne National Park

The last time you were in southeastern Florida, did you know that you were exploring either in, or near to, one of the National Parks System’s most precious gems? Biscayne ...

The Harbor at Boca Chita Key, Biscayne National Park’s best-known area. | Credit: Jonathan Irish

Volunteer for a Day, Biscayne National Park

Living 95% under water, Biscayne National Park is certainly one of the most unique and unusual parks in the system. You don’t enter through a gated entrance as you do ...


Backcountry Camping: Everglades National Park

Islands covered in mangrove trees, with their wrangling and tyrannical roots, are not made for walking on or pitching a tent if you get lost among them. They are also ...

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Mesa Arch, Canyonlands national park, Islands in the sky section, Utah

I’m Going to Every U.S. National Park During 2016…

59 parks in 52 weeks  –  that’s fewer than one per week  ...
Santiago, Chile, during the golden hour at Cerro Santa Lucía with the Andes mountain range silhouette in the distance

What To Do With A Few Days In Santiago, Chile

I didn’t do a whole lot of research of what to do in Santiago before ...
Boulder Bridge during autumn. Stop by the Nature Center and pick up a map before heading out on a hike through the Valley Trail. (Credit: Rock Creek Park)

An Insider’s Guide to Rock Creek Park: The Largest and Oldest Urban Park in America

First Published on RootsRated.com You don’t need to venture far from DC ...
Drinking room full of art taken from the outside (photography is forbidden inside of the house.)

Pablo Neruda’s House in Santiago, Chile

On the way to Easter Island I stopped off in Santiago, Chile, ...
Billy Goat Trail overlooking the Potomac River

DC’s Best Day Hike: Billy Goat Trail

Published First on RootsRated.com The Billy Goat Trail near Great Falls is easily one of ...
Lotus flowers in full bloom at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in northeast DC National Park Service

8 Awesome Green Spaces Within DC City Limits

First Published on RootsRated.com Living the city life doesn’t necessarily mean that ...

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Prayer flags in the Himalayas lead the way to Mt. Everest in Nepal (Image: Jonathan Irish | http://www.jonathanirish.com)

Great Quotations About Hiking, Walking, Mountaineering

❤ “Climbing is as close as we can come to flying.” — Margaret Young ❤ “If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” — Raymond Inmon “Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” — Jeffrey Rasley “It’s always further than it looks. […]

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What to Read While on the Road: The Best Books About Travel and Adventure

What to Read While on the Road: Great Books About Travel and Adventure

Last updated: May 12, 2015 . Into The Wild (John Krakauer) – Love the book? The movie is awesome too. Into Thin Air (John Krakauer) – The book is better than the movie. Miracle in the Andes (Nando Parrado) Rum Diaries (Hunter S. Thompson) – Don’t see the movie, just read the book. On The […]

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The Best Movies about Travel and Adventure (Pictured: City of God)

76 Movies About Travel and Adventure

(Last updated May 12, 2015 – sign up to receive updates by email) There are a lot of “Best Travel Movie” lists out there on the web. And there are a lot of epic travel movies to love. The intention of this list is to dive farther than the most popular and deeper than the most […]

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Pablo Neruda was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean poet-diplomat and politician Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (1904 – 1973).

‘Die Slowly’ by Pablo Neruda

I just don’t want to lose the enchanted as it finds its way to me so I am going to start archiving beautiful writing on this site…    Die Slowly   He who becomes the slave of habit, who follows the same routes every day, who never changes pace, who does not risk and change the […]

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‘A Clear Midnight’ by Walt Whitman

A Clear Midnight by Walt Whitman THIS is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless, Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done, Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best. Night, sleep, death and the stars.

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“…I also love a full-moon hike up Old Rag Mountain in the Shenandoah National Park.” (Credit: Jeff Mauritzen)

National Geographic Photographer, Jeff Mauritzen, Divulges Best Spots for Photos in DC

First Published on RootsRated.com Walking around Washington at any time of year, you will find no lack of cameras, tripods, and smartphones all vying to capture the experience of the nation’s capitol through a lens. Whether you’re a professional photographer or social shutterbug, everyone is looking for that one great picture, the perfect light in the perfect […]

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At Assateague, primitive camping sites are just steps from the Atlantic coast

Beach Camping on Maryland’s Assateague Island

First Published on RootsRated.com It almost sounds mythical—wild horses, campsites just steps from the shore, permission to build fires inside the perimeters of a U.S. National Park—but on Maryland’s Assateague Island, this is just what you’ll find. It’s easy to fall in love with this island. Who wouldn’t bask in the joy of building a post-dinner bonfire […]

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Paddler's hit the Potomac for sunset paddling. (Credit: Boating in DC)

Where to Stand Up Paddle in the District

First Published on RootRated.com Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the newest water sports to gain favor in the United States. In a relatively short amount of time, it has joined the ranks of kayaking in terms of popularity for inland and coastal water sport. You can’t look at a body of water in the […]

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River cruise on DC’s National Harbor at sunset (Credit: Potomac River Boat Company)

Five Ways to Get on the Water in Washington

First published on RootsRated.com To a Taoist, water is considered an aspect of wisdom. To Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, being in the water ‘…is normal for me. It’s my home.’ To most of us living in the mid-Atlantic area during the dead of summer, any way onto the water amounts to ten degrees off of the maximum […]

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Best Washington, DC camping spots

Easy Labor Day Camping Spots Near Washington, DC

First published on RootsRated.com Early September just might be the best time of year to go camping in the greater Washington, DC area. The weather is still warm enough to wear light clothing while hiking, boating, and lounging at camp, but it is not so hot that you feel as though you might wilt beneath the sun. Bugs […]

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C&O Canal Bike Path (Photo credit: Jonathan Irish)

Best Outdoor Date Spots in the District of Columbia

First Published on RootsRated.com Summer is the season of love. In autumn in Washington, DC, it is a nostalgic, playful, and happy time of year. Endless sunshine, boundless waterways and nature trails, and warmth lasting well into the evening provide a perfect setting for a day-long date—and when the sun falls into the horizon, and the technicolor […]

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Biking events in DC are often dusted with themed gear. Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA)

See the Entire Country in One Day: 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride

First Published on RootsRated.com   Alright, so you’re not really going to ride your bike all the way across the country in one day, but you can certainly ride around DC and pay homage to all the states on the highly popular 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride. This ride is legendary and certainly worth […]

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